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Zeki Müren

Known as "The Sun Of Art" in Turkey, Zeki Muren was a singer, actor, songwriter, and to our delight, a rug designer. Muren was known for his kind soul and unique personality among Turkish people. Although his style was in contrast to the traditional Turkish lifestyle, he was accepted by all segments of society as his art was, and still is, for people of all backgrounds.

Muren was an artistic soul from the very beginning. His father was a müezzin (a singer in the mosque), and Muren was surrounded by music at such young age. He graduated from the best Fine Arts University in Turkey from the interior design department. He started his singing career during university on TRT, the main Radio and television station in Turkey, and soon became an actor too.

Although most people do not know this, Zeki Muren is also a rug designer. Just like him, the rugs he designed are colorful, unique, and born to be glamorous. With avant-garde designs, his carpets defy time and challenge classism.

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