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The laboratory includes specialized employees and professionals in the field of restoration and conservation of ancient carpets and uses precious materials and ancient wool taken from fragments of ancient Kilims and others.

Short-term works within 15 days are carried out in the Gallery in Italy, while works that exceed the threshold of 15-20 days are temporarily exported with insurance to the UFUKLAR HALICILIK Laboratory, monitored 24 hours a day, where international works are carried out all over the world .

Specializing in ancient Anatolian, Caucasian, Turkmen, Persian Kilim and Sumak carpets.

The focal point of the activity is the professional restoration service carried out in the heart of Central Anatolia. The antique wools used are meticulously selected by an expert who recovers them from old kilim carpets.

We make accurate estimates to keep your antique rugs beautiful and healthy.



Ufuklar sok. no 13/13A 68100 Aksaray Türkiye 

Professional Restauration and Conservation

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Washing The Rug



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