Anatolian has been dealing in the sale of antique carpets for beyond 17 years, handling solely modern and ornamental antique carpets. In the specific, it specializes in Caucasian, Anatolian and Persian antique carpets from all over the world.

Anatolian also deals with carpet restoration, cleaning and draft.
Visitors are welcome at the showroom, where a wide range of carpets is displayed and personally supervised by Ufuklar Sadettin, constantly on the look-out for antique carpets, both from Europe and the East, searching for unique textiles to be offered to his customers.

shopin2_thAnatolian is pleased to present its textiles of great historical and artistic value, offering the aesthetic greatness of what can be considered masterpieces.

The showroom is located in Ravenna, via Attilio Orioli 33, one of the most prestigious streets in town, easily accessible and most importantly visible.